Are you a singer or artist who would like to join us?

  • Are you a composer who would like to present your music to our choir?
  • Are you a choreographer who would like to try out your choreography on us?
  • Are you a conductor who would like to rehearse a song with us?
  • Are you a choir director who would like to organise a joint concert?
  • Do you play a musical instrument and would like to cooperate with our choir?
  • Are you a moderator who would like to address our audience with your words and talent?
  • Or are you a voice teacher, sound technician, producer, or someone else who is just interested in supporting us and working with the only gay choir in the Czech Republic?

Then do not hesitate to write us! You will be rewarded with the satisfaction of a wonderful experience and supporting a good cause. It’s worth it for sure!